Helpful Tips in Generating Social Media Traffic with Google+

One of the top sites that are circulating around the social media world today is Google+. But many people may still be hesitant to try Google+ especially Facebook is still around the corner. It is no secret that Facebook is gaining popularity over the years since it started. But Google+ is as exciting and fun like any other existing social sites today. Whether be your purpose is for knowing other people or for boosting up your business, Google+ can do more. If you are a beginner of Google+, you read more

Regulating Your Privacy in Google Plus

A variety of social networking sites can be found on the internet which boosts personal online branding which includes Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and now Google Plus.  Google's latest offering have increased its buzz among search engine optimization pundits because of its features that help increase online personality and credibility.  Since its debut, it has served as an avenue of information and advertisement, which more than served as a form of social expression and networking.  Because of read more

Expanding Your Network on Google Plus

Since the launch of Google Plus, its many social networking counterparts have faced serious competitor.  Perhaps, in the world of online social space, Facebook is the most shaken by Google's latest offering because Google Plus has filled in certain gaps that Facebook has missed out on.  Facebook and Google Plus can be put on parallel sides and at most, can be compared because its features are significantly similar.  In this aspect, Google as definitely put a plus on its side. Google Plus has read more

Surgery-related Burns in Robotic-assisted Surgeries

The use of the high-end surgical assistants in many of the hospitals looks very promising as most of the operations came back successful, health reports say, although some patients have experienced burns related to the robotic assistants. There are some patients that may not be advised to undergo robotic surgery and some surgical procedures that are better done using the laparoscopic procedure, according to the article from the MSN News. There are several reasons as to why patients may not be advised read more

Court Orders Januvia Lawsuits Consolidation to MDL Court in California

Queries have been raised amongst plaintiffs, drug manufacturers and lawyers on where and how will all Januvia lawsuits are deliberated, especially now that their number is piling up, an online report says. Based on an article, because of the rising number of patients filing lawsuits alleging cancer, lawyers have requested that all cases be consolidated to a special federal multi district court in California. Januvia has been Merck’s best-selling type 2 diabetic drugs but was read more

Eight Conditions Exempting Women from Vaginal Ring Use

The use of vaginal rings may have been one of the most convenient ways of preventing unplanned pregnancies, according to a women’s survey. There are several possible reasons for which some women may not be able to use the small plastic rings, but news about the NuvaRing contraceptive lawsuits has also made public the dangers of such birth control method. In most cases, when a woman has had certain health conditions, her health care provider might not prescribe it because of the following: Has read more

Complications Prompt Recall of DePuy Hip Replacements Systems

DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, introduced the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System in 2005 after getting clearance from the Food and Drug Administration through the 510(k) premarket notification process. After five years in the market and numerous complaints of severe complications, these systems have been the subject of a DePuy hip replacement recall around the world. Studies have shown that these systems have a defect in its design, which may read more

Overweight Men Prone To Hip Osteoarthritis

Overweight or obese men are most likely to need a hip replacement than men who are of average weight, medical experts say. Overweight is a known risk factor for osteoarthritis. Talking about osteoarthritis, it is actually treated with hip replacement surgery, and lately there have been alteration of Stryker hip implant surgeries done for reasons of inefficiency. But this is the first study that revealed being overweight is a risk factor for hip osteoarthritis in men but not in women. According read more

Complaints Involving Mesh, Bladder Slings Continue to Grow, FDA Reports

The considerable discomfort and wide range of symptoms involving pelvic and bladder problems account for many cases in which numerous women seek treatment with or without surgery, medical experts say. However, where a surgical repair using mesh and bladder slings is involved, complaints of serious complications have been reported, eliciting a growing number of lawsuits against the device makers, some of which are reportedly calling for a possible surgical mesh sling product recall. As a result, read more